You can see who sang what and when in San Diego from our earliest performances in May 1965 to the present.

West Coast Premiere: February 18, 21, 24, 26(m), 2012
Jake Heggie
Jonathan Lemalu (Queequeg), Jonathan Boyd (Greenhorn), Matthew O’Neill (Flask), Morgan Smith (Starbuck), Robert Orth (Stubb), Talise Trevigne (Pip), Ben Heppner (Captain Ahab - February 18, 2012), Jay Hunter Morris (Captain Ahab - February 21, 24 and 26, 2012), Ernest Pinamonti (Tashtego), Kenneth Anderson (Daggoo), Chad Frisque (Nantucket Sailor), James Schindler (Spanish Sailor), Malcolm Mackenzie (Captain Gardiner), Joseph Mechavich, conductor; Leonard Foglia, director; Robert Brill, scenic designer; Jane Greenwood, costume designer; Donald Holder, lighting designer.