Founded in 1965, San Diego Opera is a highly regarded member of the international opera community and an invaluable cultural resource to the San Diego region. The mission of San Diego Opera is to deliver exceptional performances and exciting, accessible programs to diverse audiences, focusing on community partnerships and the transformative and expressive power of the human voice. The company’s vision is to be recognized globally as a leading example of adaptability, innovation and sustainability, promoting diversity on stage, in our repertoire, and in our staff and leadership, with a commitment to world-class and emerging talent, and innovative use of technology.

RECEPTIONIST (non-exempt)

Position Summary:

Report to IT Manager, the Receptionist supports San Diego Opera in all areas of Office and IT Administration.


  • Greets all visitors, answers incoming calls to main office, relays messages, receives deliveries, directs service and maintenance personnel to the appropriate areas
  • Assists with mailings of brochures, letters and large packages
  • Coordinates office equipment and building maintenance repair calls, provide staff with assistance using equipment, when requested
  • Responsible for maintaining supply inventory for kitchen, media center, printers, copiers (paper, toner, staples) and the First Aid kit
  • Ensures that reception area, conference rooms, kitchens, mailroom and copy rooms are neat, stocked and well maintained
  • Procures new employee supplies-name plates, name badges, business cards, as requested
  • Updates and distributes telephone lists and weekly calendar of events
  • Assists IT Manager with tasks as needed
  • Responsible for updating outgoing telephone messages, keeping the In & Out board updated and overseeing the use of the holiday security switch
  • Other duties as assigned


  • High School diploma, general education degree or international equivalent required.
  • Previous Reception experience preferred.
  • Previous customer service and general computer experience required. (Microsoft Office Suite essential)
  • Excellent oral and written skills required.
  • Multilingual preferred.

To Apply:

Send resume (cover letter optional) in PDF format to
Subject Line: Your Last Name_Receptionist Search.



Position Summary:

Due to an upcoming retirement, the Company is embarking on a national search to identify an accomplished marketing leader who will help us define the future of opera in the greater San Diego region. They will serve as a member of our 5-person executive team (CEO, COO/CFO, CMO, Chief Development Officer and Production Director) and oversee the creation and execution of a cutting-edge marketing plan. This includes responsibility for all marketing, communications, audience engagement, and customer service/sales activities in support of the Company's mission, branding, audience development, and earned income/revenue diversification goals.

We seek an extremely dynamic and creative CMO who will incorporate innovative marketing strategies and tactics from not only the arts sector, but also from leading corporations and NGO’s. They will naturally tend to look at things differently and bring a new, fresh approach. This will include leveraging data and technology to drive branding and outreach, boost ticket sales and take opera to new audiences across the greater San Diego region. The CMO will have ultimate responsibility for ticket sales and patron services, which comprise a critical component of the Company’s overall revenue. This includes generating in excess of $4 million annually through subscriptions, single tickets, education programs, and retail revenues. Working to increase audience engagement and growth, they will develop and manage an annual marketing budget, create short and long-term financial projections for earned ticket and retail revenue, and monitor all expenses.

Focus areas for this position

  1. Continually develop the SD Opera brand through innovative and compelling marketing.
  2. Create sensitive and effective messaging to help patrons feel comfortable returning to in-person performances, when safe to do so.
  3. Drive revenue through subscriptions, ticket sales and other diversified sources of income.
  4. Take opera to new audiences while deepening our connection with existing patrons.
  5. Work with our development team on strategies for growing subscribers into donors.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Oversee the development and execution of SD Opera’s marketing and branding strategies and tactics, with a focus on audience expansion and revenue growth and diversification.
  • Lead and manage a skilled team of professionals, while fostering a highly inclusive and collaborative culture. Coach and mentor individuals to help them reach their full potential.
  • Apply an understanding and appreciation for the interconnectedness of earned revenue (ticket sales, subscriptions) and contributed revenue (philanthropy), devising effective strategies for maximizing the potential of both areas. Work directly with COO/CFO on achieving revenue goals.
  • Serve as a member of the Company’s executive team to develop strategic goals and objectives and oversee efforts to achieve them.
  • Ensure our vision and values around DEI are reflected in all aspects of marketing and communications; serve as an ambassador for inclusive practices internally and externally.
  • Devise strategies and methods for bringing opera to new audiences across the region; deepen the passion and connection of our existing patrons and donors.
  • Spearhead the development and deployment of cutting-edge digital strategies across the organization, particularly with regards to marketing and communications.
  • Partner with the development team to enhance the patron experience at every touch point.
  • Closely monitor subscriptions and ticket sales; work diligently to drive and diversify revenue.
  • Provide regular updates to both the CEO and the board, including monthly financial and revenue forecasts; serve as the staff liaison to the board’s marketing committee.
  • Prepare members of the executive team and board for interviews and public appearances; edit and approve talking points for all major interviews.
  • Ensure patrons feel a strong connection to both the organization and the art form.
  • Collaborate with other arts-organizations and community-based institutions to develop strategic partnerships for mutual benefit.

  • Candidate Profile

    • Passionate: cares deeply about the arts and brings an appreciation for opera; a natural communicator who can authentically convey the important role performing arts play in our society and our economy.
    • : a resilient professional who is excited by the opportunity to lead during a time of significant institutional and social change.
    • Strategic: ability to see across the entire organization, with an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all the various people and functional areas; understands “the big picture”.
    • Collaborative: ability to build professional relationships and work effectively with a diverse range of people inside and outside the organization; always open to new ideas, strategies, and opinions. An exceptional communicator in all directions.
    • Connected: keeps a pulse on the social demands and trends that may impact SD Opera, developing creative strategies and tactics to ensure the Company’s long-term cultural relevance and financial success.
    • Creative: uses imagination and innovation to create compelling marketing and branding strategies; a connector of ideas and strategies who enjoys doing what has never been done before.
    • Listener: brings a highly developed sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence who seeks first to understand, then reflect and act.
    • Customer focused: excellent relationship management and communication skills across all mediums (in-person, phone, email and virtual); demonstrates judgment, tact, and diplomacy at all times; polished and articulate; keeps the customer at the center of everything.
    • Self-actualized: ability to work with minimal supervision, someone who is innately driven and goal-oriented and enjoys “figuring it out”.
    • Entrepreneurial: someone who is excited to build something, who is naturally resilient and works through or around challenges.
    • Business savvy: a results-oriented leader who can translate business and operations plans into marketing and communications strategies, enabling the Company to achieve its goals.
    • Accountable: ability to take full responsibility for every aspect of the Company’s marketing and communications; highly reliable.
    • Charismatic: a true “people person” who enjoys interacting with the public, as well as donors, volunteers, and other VIPs.
    • Organized: incredible attention to detail, with the ability to manage several projects simultaneously; someone who naturally checks and rechecks their own work; demonstrates excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills.
    • Flexibility: able to commit to a varying schedule, including evenings and weekends as required.
    • Hands-on: someone who enjoys being on the front line and making things happen.
    • Proactive: constantly looking ahead, anticipating potential changes in scheduling and logistics, proposing new solutions and alternatives.
    • PassionateConfident: brings a “can-do” attitude, remaining calm and focused under pressure, self-assured in their skills and abilities.
    • Ethical: possess the highest ethical standards; ability to exercise discretion, professionalism, and uncompromising integrity.

    For more information or to apply, please contact: Sarah Thompson, Director.
    Blair Search Partners
    1855 First Ave., Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92101