Thank you for your interest in becoming a San Diego Opera Arts Partner. To better manage the number of requests for inclusion in eblasts we receive, and to ensure organizations in our community are given equal treatment, we have created some guidelines to make this program more effective.

An Arts Partner is defined as an organization that is presenting a vocal, musical, or theatrical performance, or is organization San Diego Opera has worked with before.

  1. Arts Partners’ eblasts are sent once a month, on the first Friday of each month. Due to our internal email schedule, we cannot make exceptions to this rule. If there are not enough events to send a separate Arts Partners eblast, your content may be included to a SDO eblast.
  2. To have your organization’s event considered, submit your event content to:
  3. Arts Partners events must be submitted by the 20th of the month to be included in next month’s Arts Partners eblast.
  4. Content submitted to San Diego Opera must include:
    • Who: That’s you, the presenting organization.
    • What: What you are presenting. Please include a short description of 75-100 words. San Diego Opera reserves the right to edit this description based on design and layout needs.
    • Where: This is the location of your event.
    • When: This is the date(s) you are presenting your event Why: A brief two sentence description of the event. Our patrons like vocal and musical performances, if your event has this component, please include this here.
    • How: How much tickets cost and a direct link to purchase them, or, if a free event, how to RSVP. Please include a discount if applicable, our patrons will respond better if there is some type of special offer.
    • Logo or Photo: Your logo and a photo of your event. This must be no more than 72dpi, and must be submitted as a .jpeg. Your image/logo may not be used, based on layout.
  5. Events should have some relationship to San Diego Opera such as an opera, vocal performance, musical, or theatrical presentation. Or, events should be from an organization that we have worked with before.
  6. We are sorry, but we cannot promote events that are on the same day as a San Diego Opera performance or event.
  7. In an effort to distribute equal coverage to other worthy events and organizations, each organization is limited to having 3 events promoted in a calendar year.
  8. Events will be selected first come, first served. San Diego Opera retains complete control over the order in which events appear in the email.
  9. San Diego Opera requests that their Arts Partners reciprocate with an equal number of eblasts to their mail list and/or allow San Diego Opera marketing collateral to be present at the event if appropriate.
  11. San Diego Opera reserves the right and use its discretion to not promote an arts event for any reason. The Arts Partner Program is at the sole discretion of San Diego Opera and can be discontinued at any time.