San Diego Civic Theatre
1100 Third Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Sat, Apr 22 at 7pm
Tue, Apr 25 at 7pm
Sun, Apr 30 at 2pm


by Giuseppe Verdi

Would a real love be a tragedy for me?

The Roaring Twenties brought us novel inventions, a racy new culture and dramatic social change….and for Violetta Valery, illness, judgment and sacrifice. This party girl lives life on her own terms, gives into pleasure for money and keeps her heart safe, until she meets a man who changes her life. Choosing love over freedom, Violetta cannot resist these feelings and the couple begin their life together, until an unwelcome visitor threatens their future. Will Violetta bend to the will of another or surrender to her heart? And can she do it in time?

Directed by Marta Domingo, La traviata transports us to the past to a love story with poignant themes that transcend the ages.

Production from LOS ANGELES OPERA
Directed by Marta Domingo
Designed by Marta Domingo

All performances at the San Diego Civic Theatre
The Civic Theatre Concourse opens 2 hours before each performance with a fun outdoor cafe with food vendors, bars, and a Hollywood-style Step and Repeat where you can take photos and win tickets (weather permitting). Free backstage tours beginning at 5:30pm for the 7pm performance and 12:30pm for the 2:00pm performance - available to ticket holders.

Attend a pre-opera lecture for La traviata one hour before each performance (6:00pm for the evening performances, 1:00pm for the Sunday matinee). Held in the Orchestra section and free to all ticketed patrons.

In Italian with projected English supertitles - Learn more »

The run time of La traviata is approximately 2 hours and 55 minutes, including two intermissions.

Meet The Cast


Saturday, April 22 after performance
The US Grant Hotel

Join us immediately following the opening night performance when we’ll journey a few short blocks to The US Grant. We’ll meet the artists from La traviata and enjoy a wine and champagne reception with light hors d’oeuvres and desserts. Post-Opera Cast Party tickets are $100 per person. ADD TO YOUR TICKET ORDER TODAY!

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STARS IN THE SALON - Hosted by David Bennett, General Director

La traviata - April 13, 2017 at 5:30pm

Join the stars of La trviata in Stars in the Salon. This is a thrilling experience for anyone who loves opera. We welcome our distinguished guest panels for a provocative look at the music, characters and behind-the-scenes work which is so important to each production. The Civic Theatre’s beautiful Beverly Sills Salon acts as the setting for this enjoyable discussion where audience members have a chance to meet the stars and ask their own questions of the leading singers, conductors and directors first hand! All sessions are open to the public and free of charge.

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Violetta’s house in Paris
Violetta throws a party attended by her wealthy lover Baron Douphol and her friends, including Flora, a courtesan like Violetta. Gastone introduces Violetta to Alfredo Germont, a young man who tells her that he is one of her greatest admirers. Violetta welcomes Alfredo to her gathering. Gastone invites Alfredo to offer a drinking song, and Alfredo sings the praises of wine and the love it inspires. Violetta joins him, urging everyone to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of love and life. As the guests move into the ballroom, Violetta has a sudden attack of faintness, an unwelcome reminder of her declining health. Alfredo urges her to abandon her exhausting way of life. He tells her that he has loved her since he first saw her. Violetta tactfully suggests that she is not the kind of woman he should fall deeply in love with; nonetheless, she invites Alfredo to visit her again. When her guests have left, Violetta muses over his declarations of love. Disturbed to discover that her own emotions have been deeply stirred, she resolves to forget Alfredo and continue devoting herself to the shallow pleasures of the courtesan’s world.


A country house near Paris, a few months later
Alfredo has been living for three months with Violetta in her country house. He is ashamed to discover that she has been secretly selling her possessions to meet their expenses. Alone, Violetta receives a letter from Flora, inviting her to a party in Paris. An unexpected visitor arrives: Giorgio Germont, Alfredo’s father. Germont asks her for a great sacrifice; his daughter’s marriage prospects have been threatened by Alfredo’s scandalous association with Violetta. Germont convinces her that leaving Alfredo would be the most generous, selfless thing she could do for him. Violetta knows that because she is mortally ill, any future happiness is unlikely without Alfredo. She writes two letters: the first is an acceptance of Flora’s invitation; the second is addressed to Alfredo. When Alfredo returns, Violetta attempts to hide her great agitation. Desperately assuring him of her love, she goes off in a carriage to Paris. Alone, Alfredo reads Violetta’s letter, which informs him that she is returning to Baron Douphol. Germont returns to console his son. Alfredo sees Flora’s invitation and, unaware of Violetta’s sacrifice, vows to avenge himself for her apparent faithlessness at Flora’s party. Alfredo arrives, alone; Violetta enters shortly afterward with Baron Douphol. Alfredo goes to the card table, where he is soon joined by the Baron, but Alfredo’s good luck at gambling is unmatched. When the guests move to the supper parlor Violetta stays behind and begs Alfredo to leave the party. She is afraid of the Baron’s possible retaliation. Furious, he insults her in front of everyone, throwing his winnings at her as “payment” for their time together. The elder Germont comes in, joining the assembled crowd in expressing their outrage.


Violetta’s room
Violetta is near death, alone and impoverished. Germont has written to tell her that Alfredo, who had fled abroad after wounding Baron Douphol in a duel, has been told of Violetta’s sacrifice and is on his way back to Paris. When he returns, the lovers are reunited with tender words. Giorgio Germont also arrives, filled with remorse, but it’s too late. Violetta feels a sudden rush of exhilaration as her pain disappears, and she dies in Alfredo’s arms.

Synopsis by Mark Lyons

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