San Diego Opera In Conjuction With
Bodhi Tree Concerts and Sacra/Profana

All is Calm: the Christmas Truce of 1914

At the Balboa Theatre

Based on real-life events during World War I along the Western Front when soldiers from France, England, and Germany ventured into no-man’s land on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Soldiers exchanged food and gifts, swapped prisoners and performed burials, and played football and sang Christmas carols. The truce was unofficial and unsanctioned and soldiers were ordered back to fight for another bloody four years.

All is Calm is a testament to humanity and unity, and features text from letters from soldiers who lived through was alongside familiar holiday and military music from the countries engaged in battle in World War I. This family-friendly production is new to San Diego Opera and is a co-presentation with Bodhi Tree Concerts and Sacra/Profana.

The approximate run time is ninety minutes with no intermission.

“What would happen I wonder, if the armies suddenly and simultaneously went on strike?”

All Is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 2014 re-lives an astounding moment in history when Allied forces and German soldiers laid down their arms to celebrate Christmas together, sharing food and drink, singing carols, and playing soccer on Christmas Day 1914. This heartrending retelling weaves first-hand accounts by World War I soldiers together with music including patriotic tunes, trench songs, and Christmas carols.

This dramatic re-telling contains poetry, diary entries, war documents and letters written by thirty World War I figures brought to life by 12 actors and singers. The historic documents are interspersed with iconic World War I songs and Christmas carols. Don't miss this award-winning original that has been seen and heard around the globe.