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Tune to 98.5 FM during the performance to listen to the opera on your car radio.

To view the program click here.

Follow the supertitles during the performance on your mobile device by clicking here.

You can also text SDO to 55741 to view the program on your mobile device.

What Should I Know COVID-19 Safety Statement

We have taken enhanced health and safety measures for you, our artists, and employees. You must follow all posted instructions while attending our Drive-In performances. Our previous drive-in performances of La Bohème, resulted in zero cases of COVID-19 transmission.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By attending our drive-in performances, you freely assume all risks, harm, injury or illness related to exposure to COVID-19.


Where is the performance?

The performances take place at Pechanga Arena San Diego (formally the San Diego Sports Arena) 3500 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego 92110. Entrance is from Sports Arena Blvd.

Is this opera live?

Yes, San Diego Opera is performing a staged production of The Barber of Seville live with an orchestra. Our annual concert, One Amazing Night will feature soloists from our chorus with the San Diego Symphony. Guests will also be able to watch the opera simulcast on screens located throughout the parking area.

Where will I park?

There are two sections for cars, VIP ($300 per car for The Barber of Seville, $150 per car for One Amazing Night) and regular access ($200 per car for The Barber of Seville, $100 per car for One Amazing Night). All spaces are first-come-first-served in their respective section. All guests will remain in their cars for the duration of the opera. Guests are expected to wear face coverings if they need to leave their cars for any reason such as visiting the restroom.

How many tickets should I buy? How many people can I bring in my car?

Your ticket allows you to bring guests. The number of passengers in your vehicle must not exceed the number of safety belts installed in your car. It is recommended that you only share a vehicle with household members you have been isolating with or who are already within your pod.

What kind of vehicle can I bring?

Standard vehicles are allowed. Please note that trucks or SUVS and minivans will be directed to the side of the section you have purchased tickets for. Limos, busses, RVs, camper vans, etc… will not be allowed.

How will I hear the opera?

The opera will be transmitted over a local FM frequency that you can access via your car radio. Please note that FM streaming apps will have a significant delay impacting your enjoyment of the opera, so please plan accordingly. Also, note that this is being transmitted short range so you cannot access it at home. If you have not operated your FM radio in a while now is a good time to make sure you can turn it on and manually change stations via the tuner.

Are there supertitles?

Yes. Supertitles will appear on the bottom of the screens in the parking lot showing close-ups of the action on stage and can also be viewed via an app on your smart device.

My car does not have an FM stereo. How will I be able to listen to the opera?

We recommend picking up a small portable digital FM tuner prior to coming to the opera.

Can I leave my car on during the performance?

We recommend that you turn off your engines and headlights before the performance begins and to please save your applause and honks until after the performance ends. If you must run your car engine, please be mindful of your neighbors and that the noise and exhaust from your car might impact their experience.

What is your ticket refund or ticket transfer policy?

Every ticket sold to San Diego Opera’s 2020-2021 season includes a Ticket Purchase Guarantee. This means, if for any reason, a patron or guest feels sick or unsafe, or San Diego Opera finds it impossible to safely move forward with our plans, our Patron Services department will work with you to reschedule seats or find an agreeable solution. You may transfer your ticket by sending them the print-at-home ticket you will receive from us. Tickets are one time use only and will be scanned upon entry.

What are the dates again?

One Amazing Night: April 24, 2021 at 7:30pm
The Barber of Seville: April 25 and 27 at 7:30pm and April 30 and May 1 at 8:00pm.

So there is no matinee?

Correct. Daylight prevents the screens from being visible to our guests and the stage is not lit for daylight.

Will restrooms be available?

Yes. Patrons leaving their car to use restrooms will be required to wear face coverings. Restrooms are cleaned after each use by attendants.

Will there be concessions sold on site?

Yes, we will have food trucks on site for every performance. Patrons are also encouraged to bring their own food to enjoy while in their car. BBQs or outdoor grills will not be allowed as guests must remain in their cars for the performance.

Can I ride my bike? Motorcycle? Walk?

Only cars or trucks are allowed at this event.

Can I take an Uber/Lyft?

Yes, but you will need to pay for the car for the entire duration of the opera as guests must remain in their cars for the duration of the performance.

I have a convertible. Can I put the top down?

We request that guests keep their top up to help keep other guests safe and maintain proper social distancing.

Can I bring my children?

Of course! Drive-in operas are a great way to share opera with your family. Please remember the number of guests you bring cannot exceed the number of seat belts installed in your vehicle.

What if I need to leave during the performance?

Please be mindful of other guests if you need to leave before the end of the performance and understand that by leaving you are disrupting the performance for other guests.

What if it rains?

Performances will be cancelled in the event of rain. San Diego Opera will do our best to accommodate you to another performance if inventory is available, otherwise we will issue a refund.

What if it is hot?

The evening performances should keep the temperature comfortable. Please dress appropriately and feel free to roll your windows down.

What if I am late?

Late comers will not be admitted once the performance has started.

Can I sit on my car?

No. Guests must remain in their vehicles for the duration of the performance.

Can I sit in the back of my truck?

No, we are asking people to remain inside their vehicles to help maintain social distancing.

Can I sit in the back of my SUV with the tailgate open?

We ask that you keep your tailgate closed as your open tailgate will block the views of the cars behind you.

Is there an intermission?

No. The performance is only roughly 90 minutes long

Do I need to wear a face covering?

Guests are required to wear face coverings whenever they are not in their vehicle.

If I buy multiple passes how can I make sure we are parked together?

San Diego Opera cannot guarantee that cars can be parked together. The best chance is to arrive early and together and inform the attendant that you are a group and they will do their best to accommodate your request.

What health precautions are staff taking?

All staff are subjected to a temperature check and a health screening before each shift. Additionally, employees are required to wear a face covering. Frequent use of hand sanitizer is encouraged and readily available. These measures will be in line with the most current health and safety standards per local jurisdictions and state regulations for social distancing, which San Diego Opera is constantly monitoring.

What health precautions are artists and crew taking?

The artists and crew are following strict protocols which include frequent testing, sanitation, and social distancing which is even applied in the staging of the opera.

What about ADA?

Guests are required to stay in their vehicle for the duration of the performance. Restrooms will be ADA compliant.

Will tickets be available on the night?

No, all tickets will be sold in advance with no drive-up tickets available.

Can I bring my dog(s)?

We love pooches as much as the next person, but service animals only please.

What if I cannot make it? Will the performance be live-streamed?

We’re sorry you will miss this. We will not be able to live-stream this event.

Can I smoke?

Out of courtesy for our artists and other guests we ask that you refrain from smoking.

Are parking spaces assigned?

Parking spaces are first-come-first-served in your respective section.

Can I pay more to reserve my spot?

No. All spaces are first-come-first-served in your respective section.

How do I scan my ticket?

Parking attendants will scan your ticket when you arrive and direct you to your parking space.

Can I leave and come back?

No. Tickets are one-time-use only and you will not be able to scan back in.

What if I need assistance during the event?

Staff will be on hand to assist you. Our box-office team will also be on hand to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Our phone lines will be staffed throughout the performance at (619) 533-7000 and in constant contact with staff onsite.

Can I record the performance?

No, just like an opera in our Civic Theatre we ask that you do not film or record the performance or take flash photography. Drones are not permitted.

You didn’t answer my question?

Please email us at or call our box office at (619) 533-7000 Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM and we’ll be happy to answer it!