Help sustain opera that speaks to everyone in our community

A planned gift is any major gift made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor's overall financial and/or estate planning. There are many options available to leave a lasting legacy with a planned gift:

  • Bequests — Bequests are the most common form of planned gift, including designation in a Will or Trust.
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions — Giving from retirement accounts brings tax advantages to donors aged 70 ½ and older who must take required minimum distributions.
  • Donations of Assets — Shares of stocks, bonds, or physical assets like property are simple mechanisms that provide meaningful impact to SDO.
  • Donations of Life Insurance — Ownership of life insurance that is no longer needed can be transferred to SDO.
  • Other — Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, and other planned giving opportunities abound.

Click here for more information on legacy giving opportunities, or here for FAQs regarding charitable IRA rollovers.

Why should you consider a planned gift with San Diego Opera? One patron shares her story:

In Karen Valentino’s youth, it was commonplace to listen to recordings of grand opera in her home. But it was a fateful visit to the Metropolitan Opera on a school field trip in the 1960s that brought the soundtrack of her home to life. Through the generosity of those who came before her, Karen finally had the opportunity to experience live opera and a lifelong opera-goer was born.

Moving to San Diego in 1994, Karen began attending performances at San Diego Opera and volunteering her time as an Associate Director, generously sharing her project management skills with SDO while serving on various committees.

Already an avid attendee and generous donor, it was around the festivities of San Diego Opera’s 50th Anniversary that she had an “aha” moment. Including San Diego Opera in her estate planning strategy was an impactful and easy way to secure a dedicated and lasting gift to ensure the future of opera in her community.

Karen is a superb example of the invaluable role that a passionate and generous donor can play in the legacy of their beloved art form. She is paying it forward through her kindness and dedicated giving. "It is important to me to know that the Opera will continue when I’m gone."

More information about our community of those who are ensuring SD Opera’s future and how we celebrate them can be found here.