Opera Knowledge

Accessibility for the Hearing Impaired

The San Diego Civic Theatre is equipped with Sennheiser Infrared Audio System for the hearing impaired. Headsets are available at Coat Check and quantity is limited. For comfort, patrons may also use their own headphones with belt packs provided by the Civic Theatre.

The Civic Theatre has neck induction loops for patrons with hearing aids that have T Coil Capabilities. They are available at Coat Check and quantity is limited.

Cashless Environment

The San Diego Civic Theatre is cashless – all vendors in the theatre accept credit cards only.

Electronic Devices

Please turn off all electronic communication devices. Please do not answer phone or make calls, text or tweet during the performance.


In the San Diego Civic Theatre, there are two elevators in the theatre on opposite sides of the lobby. Please be aware they can fill up quickly and there may be a bit of wait.

Food and Drink

The theatre lobby opens ninety minutes prior to the performance and you may purchase food and beverages inside. At the San Diego Civic Theatre, you may pre-order food and beverages and have your order ready during intermission.

Weather permitting, there will also be food served outside on the Civic Theatre concourse before every performance.

Please unwrap candies or lozenges before the opera begins for a ‘crinkle-free’ performance.

How to Dress

Opera attendees dress up or dress down, wearing business attire, jeans, cocktail dresses, tuxes, suits or whatever you like!


The number of intermissions varies, so please check your program to see how many are in your performance. Each intermission is typically 20 minutes and the ringing bells announce the intermission is over.

Late Seating

Unlike theatre, there is no late seating in opera. If you arrive late, you may enjoy Act I on the televisions provided in the lobbies and take your seats after the 1st intermission.


Opera is not amplified and no microphones are used, so we ask the audience to be as quiet as possible so all can enjoy the performance.


The overture (when the orchestra begins to play) starts the performance, so please enjoy your conversations during intermission and not during the performance.

Pre-Opera Talks

For all Main Stage productions, there is a pre-opera talk one hour before your performance.


In the San Diego Civic Theatre, there are restrooms on every level, except the Dress Circle.

Ticket Questions

If you have any questions about your tickets or performance, look for the Patron Services tent outside of the theatre or call (619) 533-7000.

Will Call

If you are picking up tickets at Will Call, please proceed to the box office located at Golden Hall directly across from the San Diego Civic Theatre.

Young Children

Young children under 6 may have trouble sitting through an entire performance. View our Education programs for grades K-5.

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