Study Guide for El último sueño de Frida y Diego

Visit our El Ultimo Sueno de Frida y Diego Study Guide for educational activities celebrating the world premiere.


Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble

Los Maníacos Latin Jazz Community Youth Ensemble brings together youth from around the region to study and perform with Latin Jazz master musicians.

If you are under 25 years old and interested in joining this ensemble, please contact


Music and Science Curriculum

Making Connections: Music and Science

Curriculum written by Cynthia Stokes, Curriculum Specialist
Illustrations and consulting by Jennifer Tsau, Ph.D.

San Diego Opera’s Department of Education and Outreach is committed to examining the connection between opera and science through a series of lessons focusing on the human vocal system and how humans make sound.

The human voice is an extraordinary instrument and was most likely the very first musical instrument created. All other instruments, scales and sounds were initially created as a response to the human voice. Through the speaking voice a wealth of information is revealed about an individual. The following lessons examine the anatomy of the upper respiratory system, how sound is produced, a detailed exploration of the vocal cords and folds, a discussion of vocal health and a look at why humans respond to music.

Students will:

  • Create a model of the vocal apparatus.
  • Participate in simple exercises to identify parts of the vocal system.
  • Practice exercises in vocal health.
  • Examine the connection between human physiology and the beautiful sound that singers make.

These lessons are prepared for middle and high school students and were developed based upon California Science and Music Standards.

Science Standards

  • Structure and Function in Living Systems
  • 5 c Students know how bones and muscles work together to provide a structural framework for movement.

Music Standards

  • Creative Expression
  • 2.1 Sing a repertoire of vocal literature representing various genres, styles, and cultures with expression, technical accuracy, tone quality, vowel shape, and articulation written and memorized, by oneself and in ensembles.
  • Summer Courses


Please click each link below:

Biology Connections
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5

Physics Connections
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

Physical Science Connections
Lesson 1, Part 1
Lesson 1, Part 2

Summer Youth Programs

Horizons at Francis Parker School – voice and piano instruction

La Maestra Foundation Center for Youth Advancement – mariachi music ensemble

Lincoln High School – singing, acting, and visiting artists series

Logan Memorial Educational Campus – mariachi music ensemble

Multiple venues across San Diego – Latin Jazz music ensemble


Education Partners

Community Partners host and support SDO Education programs.

Mariachi Juvenil de San Diego

La Maestra Foundation Center for Youth Advancement


Horizons at Francis Parker School

San Diego Public Library

If you know someone who may be interested in engaging with SDO Education, please contact for more information.

Words and Music

San Diego Opera’s Words and Music program is a collection of long-term in-school, after-school, and summer artist residencies.

The Professional Teaching Artists of Words and Music work with students to create original plays, poems, and music based on their life experience. The focus on personal storytelling through culturally relevant music and drama empowers youth to envision a better world through collaborative art creation. Students rehearse throughout the year and perform for audiences of peers, teachers, families, and community members.

Current Words and Music programming focuses on the neighborhoods of Logan Heights, Lincoln Park, and City Heights, partnering with Logan Memorial Educational Campus, Lincoln High School, and La Maestra Foundation Center for Youth Advancement.

Teaching Artists are trained in Restorative Practices.

Izcalli is a community-based Chicano theatre troupe whose mission is to promote cultural consciousness through the arts, education, and community dialogue.

La Maestra Foundation Center for Youth Advancement serves the youth of City Heights by providing an after-school and summer program aimed at empowering economically disadvantaged urban youth from 6-18 years old. This program offers comprehensive services focusing on the “Art of Healing” through Music, Art, Theatre, Yoga/Mindfulness, and STEAM programming.

“We decided to make a play about a day in Barrio Logan, to show how we live and make sure that people don’t get any wrong perspectives. This actually is a good neighborhood and it’s nice to have something our own.”

“We started to notice one another’s stories and poems and everybody started to get on the same level of understanding.”

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